Mathematics Department

The mathematics department is the first department created at the École Normale Supérieure. It was opened in 1975 with the aim of providing all training related to mathematics for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies. The math department is currently involved in training mathematics teachers for secondary school. He also contributes to other school science activities. The first magister in mathematics was inaugurated in 1988 in functional analysis, which made it possible to reinforce the quality of training at the school. After the success of this specialty, the field was opened for another specialty which is the history of mathematics. After that, other mathematical branches were opened, in which students prepared for their magister and doctoral degrees.

Missions du département :

The tasks of the department are pedagogical, it is university education in both stages: graduate and post-graduate studies. In the first one, the department issues a license in mathematics intended for secondary school, and to obtain this certificate currently, the student needs training of five years (for secondary school teachers) and four years (for middle school teachers). The program followed is mainly based on basic training in mathematics (analysis, algebra, geometry, probability) and in educational sciences, history of science (especially the history of mathematics), didactics of mathematics, and school legislation. In addition, students wishing to continue their postgraduate studies are authorized to participate in post-graduation competitions. The department currently provides a master 1 and 2 training program in algebra (number theory) under the direction of Professor Abdallah Derbal. For post-graduation, there are many doctoral students in the department who are preparing a doctorate thesis in the specialties: functional analysis (partial differential equations), ordinary differential equations, algebra, history of mathematics, didactics of mathematics, and applied mathematics.


1. CHOUTRI Abdelaziz (president of the scientific board)
2. TEMAR Nadji
3. OUAZAR Elhacene
4. BOUDIAF Mohamed
6. MOUFFOK Karima

The mission of the scientific board is to validate several files, including: doctoral registration and thesis defense, level improvement training files, subjects of end-of-cycle bachelor's and master's dissertations, and others.


The members of the pedagogical committee are the teachers responsible for the teaching units of each year, as well as the student representatives.