• The Higher Normal School of Kouba celebrates artificial intelligence and promotes its importance among the sciences.

  • April 16, the Higher Normal School of Teachers of Kouba marked the launch of the University Week of Artificial Intelligence, which will last for four days (16-19 April 2023).

  • During the first day, several lectures were given about artificial intelligence and the importance of education in the development of nations.

  • After an introductory speech by the school rector, the first lecture was delivered by the school's guest, Mr. Mohamed Said Moulay , who talked about the scholar "Malik bin Nabi" and his scientific approach in addressing civilization’s problems.

  • Professor Muhammad Al-Tayeb Saadani then discussed in his lecture the pivotal role of education in developing an efficient generation capable of facing contemporary challenges. He concluded his speech by addressing the present students, the teachers of tomorrow, giving them several advices on the importance of mastering work.

  • In the third lecture, the audience listened to Professor Laaribi's on the concept of robotics, its origins and the history of its emergence. He also touched upon the true meaning of the term "Arab science".

  • The last lecture was about the essence of the event, artificial intelligence, computer intelligence, and how a machine can be made more useful, more intelligent, and more efficient. He supplemented his speech with several models from the works of the school’s students in their graduation projects.
    The activities of the first day were concluded with the rector thanks to the attendee, and praises to the efforts and endeavors made.